Kieran Macdonald: From Student to Lead Dancer, Teacher & Judge

Los Angeles, California
Writer/Editor-In-Chief: Jamee Beth Livingston
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Under the shining lights of the stage, Kieran Macdonald feels alive. Every step, every leap, every graceful movement is a testament to his dedication and passion for dance. For in his footsteps, he finds the courage to dance through life’s challenges, to embrace the rhythm of authenticity, and to leave an indelible mark on the world stage. Originally from Scotland, he later relocated to Alberta, where he discovered his passion for dance at the tender age of eight. Kieran honed his skills at Shelley’s Dance Company under the guidance of Shelley Tookey, immersing himself in a diverse range of dance genres offered. Despite experiencing bullying due to his love for dance, Kieran embraced new workshops and competitions in various dance styles with an insatiable hunger for learning and growth.

His passion and relentless perseverance have paved the way for a remarkable transformation, proving that no dream is too distant when fuelled by an unbreakable spirit. He now holds the prestigious position of principal dancer with 24 Seven Dance Convention, the highest level a dancer can reach in the convention circuit. To become a principal dancer, one must possess exceptional technical skills and seamlessly blend them with captivating artistry. Kieran is the sole Canadian to hold this role and works closely with Danny Lawn, the convention’s renowned director, in developing and creating choreography. Kieran also teaches workshop classes focused on contemporary and hip hop dance styles, showcasing his extensive knowledge and passion for these genres.

Kieran Macdonald working with 24 Seven Dance Convention Director, Danny Lawn.

With workshops and masterclasses led by esteemed dance educators, the convention emanates excellence in the dance community. At times, Kieran serves as a judge for the competition portion of the convention, which draws dancers from all over the United States. This is no small feat, as it requires dedication, passion and commitment. Hard work is an essential quality of this demanding position, as well as determination and above all else, raw talent. Kieran realizes that his dance journey is not just about showcasing his skills and years of training, but also about inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Kieran has undertaken extensive travels across the United States in his role as a judge and master teacher for the Groove National Dance Competition. This esteemed organization is renowned for presenting the most innovative and high-energy dance talent competitions, conventions and in-studio workshops. It features some of the most accomplished and talented artists within the industry, fostering an environment of artistic excellence and creative exploration. As Kieran shares his expertise with dancers from all over the country, he finds himself constantly evolving and refining his own skills.

Kieran Macdonald leading workshop class at 24 Seven Dance Convention.

Kieran graduated from Victoria School of the Arts, earning top scholarships and has garnered numerous accolades for his artistic endeavours. Notably, he was the recipient of the prestigious Mayor’s Youth Artist Award bestowed by the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton. Furthermore, he secured an Individual Dance Project Grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, showcasing his exceptional skills in the realm of dance. Additionally, Kieran was awarded the Young Americans Music Outreach Tour Scholarship, enabling him to further hone his musical abilities through educational tours.

Well on his way to a brilliant career at the pinnacle of his field, he embodies the very essence of dedication and artistry, pouring his heart and soul into each performance. His passion for the art form radiates through every movement, every gesture, igniting the stage with an intensity that leaves spectators breathless. His meteoric rise to the pinnacle of his field is a testament to his determination and unparalleled artistry. Kieran epitomizes the art of gracefully navigating life’s obstacles and relentlessly pursuing aspirations, leaving an enduring impact on all who have the privilege of observing his expertise.

Kieran Macdonald for Livingston Magazine.

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