Lissa Mel Creates Good Vibrations Through the Healing Power of Art

Santa Monica, California

Editor-In-Chief: Jamee Livingston
Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth
Stylist: Michelle Wu
Hair/MUA: Carisa Arellano
Lighting Director: Hugo Arvizu
Location: The Messengers Gallery
Publicist: Rick Krusky, MWPR Inc

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California based artist and gallerist Lissa Mel believes that art carries the incredible gift to foster healing. Through a therapeutic process, she transforms her pieces into powerful catalysts for unlocking positive energy. This high vibrational art is created with the intention of healing using mantras and positive affirmations, amplified through artistic expression. The essence of Lissa’s visual art is rooted in love, frequency and vibration. By transforming these immaterial energies into the material, the act of painting harnesses the collective human potential for peace and harmony.

Art In Vibration

The world around us is filled with vibrations that can be detected through our senses. Vibrational art restores you to a state of vibrational harmony, resulting in improved well-being and increased energy. The intention behind the painting, thought process, designs, colors and other elements that are infused into the paintings all contribute to further raising the vibrational energy of the art. Just like a roadmap guides you to your destination, setting an intention guides the painting towards Lissa’s positive aspirations. “My goal is to establish an uplifting emotional connection in order to elevate human consciousness on a global scale.”

Lissa perceives the human body as a vessel, each movement embodying of the rhythmic dance of the natural realm. The vessel functions as the conduit that links to a higher power, or elevated state, enabling the acquisition of authentic spiritual awareness. Her art often depicts the interconnection between feminine and masculine energies, capturing the duality reflected in the intricate beauty of life itself.

The Vessel. Lissa Mel for Livingston Magazine. Dress: Vaseghia. Earrings: Anna Zuckerman. Heels: L’Atelier de Charlotte.

Moving From Darkness to Light

The foundational element of Lissa’s recent series consists of mantras. These sacred mantras trace their origins to Gurmukhi, that is an ancient language of sound akin to Sanskrit. “Sound is vibrational and carries a profound resonance, provoking my emotions and conjuring visual imagery that I interpret in my artwork. As I focus on these mantras and incorporate them into the canvas with deliberate intention, my paintings start to vibrate with a heightened frequency.”

In her piece The Vessel she evokes the Wahe Guru mantra, Wah(u) meaning limitless and Guru meaning sacred light. This powerful mantra eliminates spiritual darkness and invokes celestial illumination. Through the painting, Lissa hopes to clear any darkness that may be plaguing the viewer. For Lissa, the act of artistic creation is a transformative, cathartic and healing experience. It acts like a key that activates spiritual growth on multiple levels.

The Rhythm Of Life

As in art, life is all about rhythm. Life echoes the rhythms of nature, full of vibrancy reflected in nature’s dynamism. Lissa’s work explores the concept of balance and harmony, especially in our daily lives. Yoga and meditation are essential to Lissaโ€™s life and have heavily influenced her work. Meditation offers Lissa a sanctuary amidst lifeโ€™s chaos, granting her tranquility and mindfulness with visions therein. Her deep meditation practice serves as a rich source of ideas, where she delves into the depths of consciousness and receives vibrant images and concepts that bring her artwork to life.

Dance on Mars. Lissa Mel for Livingston Magazine. Dress: Gert-Johan Coetzee. Earrings: UBS Gold.

Raising The Frequency

Lissa hopes to continue to embrace a life dedicated to giving; healing through harnessing the potential of art to bring about a positive change and help others. Through her gallery and educational space in Santa Monica, The Messengers Gallery, she has established a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work and gain visibility. Lissa’s next goal is to open an art school for children from all socioeconomic backgrounds so everyone has the opportunity to nurture their imagination and skills.

Lissa also serves as an ambassador for the 4th World Cultural Festival in Washington that is dedicated to advocating world peace and global unity. The event unites a global community of over four million people through collective meditation and the practice of unity for a brighter future. โ€œOur mission is to cultivate a harmonious and interwoven planet where people can peacefully coexist. Guided by the wisdom of Gurudev Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, we strive to inspire individuals to embrace the values of compassion, harmony, and unity.โ€

By creating art, Lissa Mel hopes to capture the transformative power of the human spirit and inspire others to see it within themselves. Her goal is to transcend the confines of conventional art and infuse creativity into everyday lives in a way that everyone can relate to. The depth of her art is a testament to the profound effect her life experiences has had on her, providing a canvas for her to channel a wide spectrum of emotions created with a healing intention. Lissa is currently showcasing her work at the impressive Centaur Art Gallery in Las Vegas, alongside well-known artists like Kazanskiy Mikhail Sergeyevich, Itzchak Tarkay and original works by Salvador Dali.

LISSA MEL: Website | Instagram | Loren Marie

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