T. Denise, Spiritual Psychotherapist & Chaplain, Works to Empower the Community

Editor-In-Chief: Jamee Beth Livingston

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For over two decades, Chaplain T. Denise has embarked on an extraordinary journey of compassion and healing, touching countless lives along the way. Her career has been dedicated to helping people navigate their emotions, cope with overwhelming grief and the shadows of trauma. Her gentle presence and attentive ear have provided solace to many, illuminating paths through the darkest of emotional times.

T. Denise’s calling goes beyond mere profession; it’s a testament to the power of human connection and empathy. She has masterfully combined emotional well-being, spiritual guidance, family harmony and the healing power of counseling, creating a pillar of support that has strengthened countless lives. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that one person’s commitment to kindness and understanding can create positive change that extend far beyond imagination. T. Denise’s legacy inspires us all to reach out, to listen and to be that comforting presence for others in their time of need. Through her example, we are called to recognize the profound impact we can have when we dedicate ourselves to lifting up those around us.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve been providing non-denominational support to those grappling with emotional triggers, grief and vulnerability, even before I officially became a Chaplain. Throughout my career, I have helped employees process their emotions, cope with devastating grief or trauma, and provided emotional support. I’ve promoted emotional well-being, offered spiritual guidance, and mediated family crises. Working alongside other medical professionals, I’ve been part of some amazing emergency department care teams.”

T. Denise for Livingston Magazine.

Her academic achievements, including a Masters in Counseling and a Masters in Psychology, along with over twenty years of being ordained and international experiences, couldn’t fully prepare her for the profound impact of this work. As we celebrate her achievements, let us also recognize the ripple effect it creates. Her success opens doors for other women, particularly women of color, to envision themselves in roles they may have previously thought unattainable. This milestone reminds us that every step forward, no matter how small it may seem, has the potential to ignite a movement and inspire others to reach for their dreams.

Spiritual psychotherapists tend to be holistic in practice, focusing not only on spirituality but also the mind and body. They can assist in helping a client find balance in life, and reconnect with their higher power (whether that be God, the Universe, nature, etc.) The field of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy represents a specialized approach to mental health treatment. This discipline combines elements of spiritual and religious resources with established counseling theories to create a comprehensive therapeutic practice. Practitioners in this field utilize a diverse set of tools and techniques that draw from both spiritual traditions and psychological principles. By integrating these two domains, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy aims to address the holistic needs of individuals, considering their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This approach recognizes the potential impact of a person’s spiritual or religious beliefs on their mental health and overall life experience, incorporating these aspects into the therapeutic process.

T. Denise for Livingston Magazine.

This extraordinary individual has journeyed through the depths of despair, hand-in-hand with those who needed it most, emerging as a guiding light for others. With a wealth of experience and boundless compassion, she stands ready to be your unwavering ally, provide support and faith in your own journey. Together, you’ll discover the strength within you to overcome any obstacle, to find meaning in your struggles, and to emerge stronger and more radiant than ever before. This is not just a professional; this is a partner in your personal growth and spiritual awakening, ready to help you unlock your full potential and embrace a life filled with purpose and joy.

T. Denise has not only been a steadfast ally, particularly for Black women, but she’s also recognized the critical importance of representation in chaplaincy during these transformative times. Her groundbreaking achievement as the first female life coach employed by a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) is a shining example of paving the way for future generations. Her presence in such a pivotal position at an HBCU and her continuing work sends a powerful message to the wider community about the value of diverse perspectives and the importance of nurturing holistic well-being. Through her work, she is not only supporting individuals but also contributing to the broader narrative of empowerment and progress within higher education.

“As a Chaplain, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside exceptional emergency department care teams, witnessing firsthand the resilience of the human spirit. With God’s guidance, I’ve become a vessel of spiritual solace for families enduring the unimaginable pain of losing a child, wives mourning their husbands, shared prayers with families of mothers battling for life in the ICU, grandfathers enduring cardiac arrests, new mothers rejoicing in the miracle of birth, and employees celebrating the end of exhausting shifts.”

T. Denise for Livingston Magazine.

The Holy Spirit has been her constant guide, leading her to act, speak, touch and pray in moments that truly matter. “The role of a Chaplain has been the most challenging yet profoundly rewarding experience of my life. Despite my diverse background as a combat veteran, mortician, trained funeral service practitioner, former sheriff deputy, and doula assisting in births in third-world countries, nothing compares to the depth of purpose I’ve found in this calling.”

As practitioners in this field, individuals like T. Denise have the incredible opportunity to touch lives, ignite hope, and foster profound healing by embracing both the spiritual essence and psychological complexities of the human experience. Together, they pioneer a holistic approach to wellness that nurtures the soul, empowers the mind, and uplifts the heart, creating a beacon of light for those seeking solace and growth in their darkest hours. “I am forever grateful to God for transforming every pain, experience and triumph into His will. My heartfelt thanks extend to my husband, who tirelessly cared for our son during my hospital on-call nights throughout my training.”

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